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Hand & Foot

Big Green Trees natural range of Balms has been designed to both nourish and revitalise hard working hands and feet. We all want to look and feel our best so we designed our Intensive Hand balm to do just that full of powerful essentials such as palmarosa and ylang ylang your hands will soon perk up including damage to cuticles. For all those hard working gardeners or just those that work or love being in the great outdoors our Gardeners Hand balm will sooth and repair thanks to its Lavender and Tee tree essential oils.

Let’s not forget those feet, especially in colder months, our hard working Foot balm full of Lavender and peppermint will soon have you loving your heels feeling and looking smooth and your toes ready to dance.

Top tip, you only need a tiny amount of these intensive balms; but for an indulgent overnight SPA therapy; use two or three pea size amounts and then apply cotton gloves or socks and feel the difference in the morning.

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